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My mission is to help you up-level your life by removing your blocks and improving how you lead yourself, and others, by raising your energetic frequency.”

Sharon Saevitzon PCC, ELI-MP, CHt

I immigrated to America in 1992, and brought with me an exuberant capacity for survival. Driven by the desire to experience a purpose filled existence, I established my coaching practice centered on emotional health and well being that is powered by self-worth.
Having experienced many different cultures, I strive to honor everyone’s unique qualities and preferences. My talent is to seek to understand the ambitions of others, which provides me with insight into the type of coaching support and accountability each of my client’s need to thrive. Filled with empathy and compassion, I am able to leverage my strengths by helping others remove the blocks that are holding them back from living a confident and meaningful life.


My background in business, advertising, promotion and image building led me on a path of utilizing those skills to help individuals transform their lives. I have worked with corporations, schools, teachers, parents, and students.  I've also worked in dual diagnoses, residential rehabilitation and treatment center for teens. 


It is a joy for me to continue to lead workshops, seminars, coaching sessions, and one on one clients around the world, in person and virtually. 


In my sessions, courses and workshops I help my clients to clearly define their own unique "next level" of happiness or success - with goals that excite and inspire.


My own experiences have equipped me with new tools, techniques, short-cuts, "life-hacks", and best practices, to overcome obstacles and create new successful habits. 


By providing "friendly accountability"  I am able to insure my clients to maintain momentum and progress in order to help achieve goals and sustain them.

I'd love to partner with you, to help you create enhanced happiness and success in any and/or all areas of your life. I look forward to connecting with you soon. 

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