"I own and operate a large business that keeps me very busy and often stressed. When I heard about Sharon from three different people separately, I knew that she must be very good. I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to therapy and things of that nature, but working with Sharon has truly changed my perspective. Sharon has taught me not only the value in learning to diminish stress, but her techniques are new and innovative. Sharon works with the energy that we all possess within us, and shifts negativity to acceptance and a positive, productive outlook. Sharon has taught me that there is more than one way to look at the same situation, and also that my life experiences ultimately emanate from how I show up emotionally to any given situation. Sharon is extremely knowledgeable; with that knowledge, Sharon possesses a warm and nurturing disposition, coupled with an infectious sense of humor, that opens the doorway to personal self-reflection and growth."

GM - Business Owner

"Sharon is very intuitive, caring and has a unique ability to sense what her clients need and work magic with them.  She uses various tools and resources to get to the root of the issue and transform a person's mindset to allow them to recover and heal through her gift of patience and knowledge."

CK - Agent

"Just over a year ago I found myself in a very dark place, I felt as if I would never feel as lighthearted and free as I used to. After a few sessions with I gained a tremendous amount of confidence. I can not speak highly enough of Sharon and her practice. She has guided and supported me throughout all of my treatment process.

 With Sharon's help, I have been able to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life. I am so lucky to have found her."

MB - Student

"I originally went to see Sharon on the recommendation of a friend. I'm a college student, and I wanted to learn how to manage my anxiety better when I comes to school and tests. The techniques Sharon taught me have been so helpful, and I have been able to use them in other areas of life as well. Sharon is so supportive. Even between sessions, she always checks in with me to see how I am doing and letting me know she is there. I recommend Sharon to anyone who wants to reduce anxiety and increase focused energy. She is very good at what she does!"


“Sharon is an AMAZING leader! Thank you for your inspiration!”


“Your workshop was informative and insightful”


“the workshop was enjoyable, uplifting. I sifted my perspective. I give you 10 out of 10!”